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Aj tebe záleží na zdraví a udržateľnosti a hľadáš spôsob,

akým zarábať peniaze online s niečím zmysluplným?

Som rada že tvoja intuícia ťa zaviedla práve sem

Nebojíš sa vystúpiť zo svojej komfortnej zóny a máš rád (rada) osobný rozvoj?

Tak si tu správne

Predstavujem ti našu Česko-Slovenskú komunitu More Than Water

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The Tripple Bottom-Line Business model compensation plan

Are you ready to make the first move to become your new best self?

What's great about working with me?

The question is: Who can you become?

Individual approach - I will not try to fit you into a size fits all box, as other coaches did with me.

I believe we are all unique and I am excited to guide you to walk your path with pride and heal anything that's holding you back from being your best self, strengthen the trust in your intuition.

I will be there to guide you, believe in you and keep you accountable to move towards your desires.

Wide knowledge of marketing coupled with intuitive guidance helps me to guide clients through creating their own unique brand that allows them to fulfill their purpose

Experienced Theta Healer - I want you to succeed with your business and I know how many limiting beliefs I had in the beginning. That's why I offer a Theta Healing package to new business partners for free. 

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My vision

I am creating a life of abundance in a sustainable community, where our kids are free to play, we grow our organic food, drink the healthiest water, host wellbeing events, collaborate, learn from each other, laugh a lot while making a global impact each in our unique way. 
This is why I am choosing to be a Ionized Water distributor, Healer and a mentor!

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