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Meet Judita

Certified Theta Healer & Online Business Mentor

I am one of those people who love to learn new things and perfect themselves to become their best & highest version

On my professional journey

I have spent a decade studying and working in the Waste Industry in the UK & Slovakia.

I also taught Yoga, Meditation Access Bars and created my first company in the UK.

I wanted to bring these mindset tools to more people in the world so I started learning online marketing and slowly became an Attraction Marketing coach as I enjoy marketing a lot.

Theta Healing helped me to restore my source connection and create my life & business from alignment. I was reminded that I am here to create an Abundant, Sustainable Planet.

So I decided to dive deep into my Kangen Water business that has an enormous potential to create the New Earth. 

I wonder, how can we contribute to each other?

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